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You can choose bank transfer and on-site payment.

Bank transfer

Account Name: Shanghai Real Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Account No. : 3100 6670 0018 8000 0652 6

Bank of Deposit: Bank of Communications Shanghai North Zhongshan Road Branch



Name: Shanghai Real Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.



Registration fee remittance method:

1) Deadline for remittance of registration fee: April 5, 2019(inclusive). Please do not make remittance after the deadline, in order to avoid non-confirmation.

2) If registered representatives who have paid the fees need to cancel the conference, please inform the conference secretariat in writing before April 5, 2019 for refund. After the meeting, the secretariat will deduct the registration fee of RMB 100 yuan for refund. If the secretariat fails to submit the refund application before April 5, 2019 it will not accept the application. If the representative who has paid the registration fee but fails to attend the meeting asks for a refund after the meeting, the secretariat will not accept it. Please carefully read the relevant provisions of the meeting before handling the remittance procedures. Please properly keep the remittance receipt for easy reference.

3) Commission and service charge arising from remittance shall be borne by the remitter.

4) Please make sure to fill in the postscript in any way, indicating the name of the conference + the name of the participant + the organization to which you belong, in case it cannot be confirmed, for example: Shanghai vision and nystagmus international BBS conference + li Ming + purui ophthalmology. For the registration of a group with more than five members in the same unit, the name of the meeting, the name of the unit and the number of registered members shall be indicated.

5) The official invoice of registration fee is provided by Shanghai Real Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. (Note: Group registration only permits one invoice); the invoice of on-site registrants is collected before the end of the meeting. If the invoice is overdue, you can express yourself at your own expense.

6) Need to draw up invoices on behalf of, please in advance when the online registration as billing information (including the unit name, Id number, invoice, the invoice type, etc.), the conference will be based on the information in advance submit invoices, once issued will not be able to change, please be sure to check the good information submitted in advance.
Key Dates
Date: April 12-14, 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline: March 10, 2019
Online Registration Deadline:  April 5, 2019
On-site Registration Dates: April 12, 2019